Brand new and wholesome amateur stars in this week's Exploited teens video

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Description: This week’s Exploitedteens episode features a VERY wholesome looking brand new teen. So I’ve been doing this for a long while and I’m always surprised when a girl that looks as sweet as this girl here agrees to let me play with her “girl parts” on camera (Heh-Heh). From that oh-so-innocent face to an actual pink bow in her hair, she is the real girl next door. I spare almost no time at all getting my cock stuffed into her mouth and she does her best to take as much as she can. I also give that very pink slit of hers a solid, deep dicking that I can tell she LOVES. After a few different positions, I’m ready to bust my nut. And that’s just what happens, all over her wholesome face. And she’s even nice enough to swallow what she can.
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