This teen has dreadlocks a SUPER hairy CUNT that gets SOAKED with pussyjuice

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Description: This week’s Exploitedteens episode features the brand new college cutie. Now I’ve seen my share of nervous “newbies” if you will… but this girl takes the prize. I mean her palms were literally soaking wet when I held her hand on video. That little “test” always lets me know that the girl about to make her very first adult video is the genuine article… a true nervous college coed who is going for it, my kind of girl! So this model here stands at 5’ 7” tall but weighs just 115lbs. (talk about thin!). She’s also got some lil’ 34B tits upfront and an Exploitedteens first… dreadlocks in her hair (Whoa!). Man, I’ve never really been that close to these things, but they sure look like a lot of trouble to keep. She tells us that it’s been about 6 months to get them that way and that they are still a “work in progress” as she calls it (Heh-Heh!). Now I don’t know if it was the hairstyle, that great smile or maybe even that heart shaped ass… but this girl got my cock about as hard as it’s ever been. I mean that I could have laid down on my front and twirled myself around on the thing like a spinning top! So needless to say… I make good use of that rigid member. I have her suck on it, fuck it, suck it again and ultimately end up with a nasty face full of baby batter. And you know what, I even got it in those damn dreadlocks too… Yes! Thanks for tuning in as always folks and I hope to see you next week with yet another cute college coed making her adult video debut here at Exploitedteens! 
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